Specialising in digital services,
I like designing products that contributes positively to society.

Hey there, thank you for taking interest in my profile.

I am a multi-disciplinary designer from Singapore, and I spend most of my time designing for entrepreneurs. 
When I am not in start-ups, I somehow find my way into corporate. My most recent gig was at a consultancy (this didn't end well, but that's a story for another day).

I believe that all designers make impact with their work. No matter how small the project, everything carries even a bit of karma. I make a concious choice to work on ethical ventures as much as possible.

My design approach is driven by collaboration and raw intuition; I tend to have little reliance on conscious reasoning when making design decisions. This causes anxiety to some co-workers, but to others, it is my greatest quirk.

I am currently looking for work in Europe, and I am hoping to land myself in companies that are excited to use design to pivot the well-being of both humans and the way we work. If you are interested to invest in an certain eccentric product designer, we should talk.


My Chinese name means "wisdom and knowledge". I am a 4th generation Singaporean Chinese that grew up in a typical working class family. I have spent some childhood days without food, and often wondered how I can make life better for myself and others.

On a good day, I play my violin and meditate. I dream of having my own library, my own home, and a little farm somewhere in the world.

My partner and I have been in a long-distance relationship for nearly a decade. We're hoping to close the distance, hence my desire to move to Europe.

I have a lot of interesting stories from my life, and I hope to publish a book about them in the near future.