Specialising in digital services,
I like designing products that contributes positively to society.

I am a multi-disciplinary designer from Singapore, and I spend most of my time designing for entrepreneurs.

In the last 6 years, I’ve been exploring the nuances of digital product design—design consulting, business design, service design, and UX. Moving forward, I would like to apply my knowledge to various industries that design hasn’t influenced enough yet.

I believe that all designers make impact with their work. No matter how small the project, everything carries even a bit of karma. I make a conscious choice to work on ethical ventures whenever possible.


My journey in altruism

Back in Singapore, I was a UX Mentor and trainer for Hatch, a social enterprise aiming to rehabilitate young adults through education. I’m now looking for new non-profit initiatives to collaborate with.

Green thumb & gamer

I make plants happy! My love for planting comes from playing the Harvest Moon franchaise. I have successfully saved office plants, grew herbs in urban settings and sprouted vegetables from seeds I don’t like to eat. I can’t identify plants and poisonous mushrooms though.

Culture matters

The future of work is an ecosystem of well-being and productivity. When employees grow, their companies do too. That's why I practice a nurturing culture at work, and contribute these principles to my past, current and future workplaces. Let's be part of a nurturing workplace together.

Lil’ bit of otaku

When I’m not working or doing anything productive, I indulge in a lot of Japanese animation and content. My favourite animes and mangas revolve around mature perspectives on life, love and whimsy.

Sucker for films

I love a good story captured in film. I was an Airbnb experience host and embarrassingly told another film fanatic that one of my favourite films is Titanic, and that still holds true till today. I generally consider films good when I will watch them more than once.

Below are some of my other favourites, but I definitely have too many to be able to list them all.

Let's collaborate!

Whether it’s a project you want to work on together, or needing mentorship to navigate your design career, I’m here for you!

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