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A dedication to growth, collaboration, and my privilege of working with some of the best people to exist in the industry.

Who am I?

Born and raised during the internet boom and uncertain economies of early modernising Singapore, I grew up in a typical working class family that did not endorse design careers.

I’ve hence steadily climbed up the ranks and I’m proud to call myself a senior professional today.

Through my own career, I hope to tell a story where not only the privileged can succeed in creative industries.

I have managed teams, decided that management isn’t for me, and I’m paving the pathway to become a Staff Designer and design educator in the near future.

What do I specialise in?

I spend most of my time designing for entrepreneurs, and I love innovation and speculative interfaces.

Despite the instability and uncertainty of the start-up scene, it is area where I found purpose and meaning in my work.

In the last 7 years, I’ve been exploring the nuances of digital product design — design consulting, business design, service design, and UX. Moving forward, I will prioritise applying my knowledge to various industries that design hasn’t influenced enough yet.

I believe that all designers make impact with their work. No matter how small the project, everything carries even a bit of karma. I make a conscious choice to work on projects that carries impact whenever possible.

Notable brands I’ve worked on

BNP Paribas, Broadcom, Betadine, GE Aviation, Cordis Hotels, Glassnode, BudgetDirect, National Gallery, M1, Pillpresso, GoodHood Singapore

Current initiatives

I work on a lot of things on the side. Here’s a list of stuff I'm actively doing:

Softgoods project

Personal branding course for designers






I’m always looking for things to do. So please come bother me for interesting collaborations.

I don’t charge, I don’t bite, and contrary to popular beliefs, I am actually really nice :)